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Opmerking: De in deze afdeling gevonden links naar geluidsfragmenten zijn doorgaans computer interpretaties en geen uitvoeringen behoudens waar vermeld.

Muzikale biografie:

2005-heden: Muzikale wijsheden en begeleiding van componist Dhr. Paul Corfield Godfrey.

1991-2002: Keyboard les van Dhr. Peter Stam aan de Muziekschool Heemskerk.

1990-1991: (Verplichte) Blokfluit les aan de Muziekschool Heemskerk


All music is available as sheetmusic, if you want it please contact me.

Note: The links to the musical fragments found in this section refer to computer interpretations and not performances unless specified otherwise.

Musical biography:

2005-present: Musical reasoning and guidence by composer Mr. Paul Corfield Godfrey

1991-2002: Keyboard lessons by Mr. Peter Stam at the Muziekschool Heemskerk.

1990-1991: (Mandatory) Recorder lessons at the Muziekschool Heemskerk.

Op. #

1. The Quest for a Lost Paradise – The Beach Theme

  • 1a. Une petit dramatique pour orgue
  • 1aa. Une petit dramatique pour orgue (The Heemskerk version)
    Organ (version for: Knipscheer orgel, Heemskerk)
  • 1b. Une petit mystique pour piano°
  • 1c. The Quest for a Lost Paradise – The Beach Theme – “Yolanda”
  • 1d. Une petit mystique pour harpe°

02. Een muzikale bloemlezing (A musical anthology) UNFINSIHED
—–A collection of 10 songs based on Dutch poetry from before 1900

2.01 hebban olla uogala
Mezzo-soprano, tenor, alt recorder, tenor recorder and harp

  • 2.01a hebban olla uogala
    Mezzo-soprano, tenor, oboe, bassoon, viola and violoncello
  • 2.01b Duet
    Flute and harpsichord


2.07 So ’t yerdisch’ swietluwdigh sjongen
Alto recorder, tenor recorder, alto clarinet, flugelhorn, harp, choir (SATB), violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass


2.09 Waar en Hoe
Bariton, violin and piano

  • 2.09a Trio per flaute, oboe e pianoforte
    Flute, oboe and piano
  • 2.09b Duet
    Flute and harpsichord
  • 2.09c Sogno d’lontana amore
    Bassoon, violoncello and harp


3. Aeolus
Choir (SAB), (2x) C trumpet, (2x) trombone, piano, electric guitar, electric bass guitar

  • 3a. Aeolus for orchestra

4. Alle hens aan dek (De 105,4 koers)
Chanty choir, accordion

  • 4a. All hands on deck (A Sailor’s lullaby)
  • 4b. All hands on deck (A Sailor’s lullaby)

5. De Conducteur
Choir (SATB) a capella

6. Wyn fan de Draak
Male choir (TBB), alt clarinet, violin, harp

  • 6a. Wyn fan de Draak
    Choir (SATB), piano

7. It Paad giet Fierder
Bariton solo, piano

  • 7a. It Paad giet Fierder
    Bariton solo, harp

8. Dies irea dies illa (Revised 2015)
Mezzo-soprano solo, Choir (SATBB), Choir soloists (SATB), orchestra

9. Gil-galad
Unaccompanied Bass (voice)

10. Orémus 35 (Revised 2015)
Choir (SATB) a capella

11. Solitary Romance for Tuba
Unaccompanied Tuba

  • 11a. Solitary Romance
    Unaccompanied contra/double bass
  • 11b. Solitary Romance
    Unaccompanied bassoon

12. Requiem for Spock°
Vulcan lyrette, violoncello

13. *Undetermined*

14. Sinbad the Sailor (pseudo-Arabesque Fantasia in 3 atti)
—–Unaccompanied contra/double bass

  • 14a. Sinbad the Sailor (pseudo-Arabesque Fantasia in 3 atti)
    Unaccompanied bassoon

15. De Profundis (Psalm 129 (or 130))
Choir (SATB), timpani and organ

16. Universal Exports
Unaccompanied contra/double bass

17. Singing Double Bass, Waltzing Strings
Unaccompanied contra/double bass

18. (Various Short Pieces)
A collection of compositions to short to have their own op. number.

  • 18.01. Zwelbast
    Unaccompanied contra/double bass
  • 18.02. Fire & Ice
    Mezzo-soprano, bass and small choir

19. A pair of Jian Birds (鶼鶼)
Dizi & Bassoon

21. Brainshake

22. String Quartet No. 1
String quartet (violin I, violin II, viola, cello)

I. Sonata (incl. the Asian/Chinese folksong ‘Song of the Dragon’)
II. Ragtime
III. Minuet & Trio (incl. Dutch peasant song ‘Adieu, fair love’)
IV. Rondo (mambo-calypso)


Ar. #

01. Trois Gymnopédie (Erik Satie)
—–Violoncello and Harp

02. ‘Destination known’ Études: Explorations on a ground by M. K. Ellul
Unaccompanied piano

  • 01. Arpeggio
  • 02. Riedel
  • 03. Early La Folia
  • 04. Bolèro
  • 05. Meditation #1
  • 06. Marche Funènbre
  • 07. Ex astris fantasia (Dedicated to Stephen Hawking)
  • 08. Jazzy
  • 09. Waltz
  • 10. Skotse Trije
  • 11. Saltarello
  • 12. Minuet
  • 13. after Satie
  • 14. Meditation #2
  • 15. Psuedo Tintinnabulum
  • 16. Later La Folia
  • 17. Lambada18. Notturno di ansia
  • 19. after Reich & Glass (Dedicated to Simeon ten Holt)
  • 20. Intro & Original Sequence

03. Tocatta & Fugue in D-minor (bwv 565) (J.S. Bach)
4 Double Basses (special tunings needed)

04. “Sector 31” Star Trek sessions*
Unaccompanied piano

  • 01. The Inner Light (Jay Chattaway)
  • 02. The Motion Picture suite (incl. The Klingon Battle) (Jerry Goldsmith)
  • 03. The Cage: Vina’s suite (incl. Vina’s Dance) (Alexander Courage)
  • 04. Klingon Warrior Song (in Canon) (Hilary Bader/Marc Okrand/Keith Halper)

° Score is published
* Unavailable due to copyright protection.

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